Reduction of Hair

The Basic Rules of Photoepilation By Utilizing SharpLight Systems

Before – Hair Removal

After – Hair Removal

Showcase your tender skin after experiencing our state-of-the-art hair removal/reduction treatments with the clinic’s advanced Omnimax laser machine in the hands of our experienced medical aesthetician, Kim, with twenty years of experience with laser technology.
Omnimax’s safe and innovative medical-aesthetic system offers lasting excellent hair removal/reduction results with little discomfort with a variety of treatment programs. Most specifically, SharpLight’s technologies are based upon photo-epilation or pulsed light, which enables precise, personalized treatments that will typically achieve permanent, effective results.

Hair reduction is achieved as the laser targets the growth follicles that are active, thereby coagulating the follicles and limiting any chance of re-growth. The technology’s powerful energy is applied precisely to ensure that surrounding skin is unaffected.With a five pulse duration and three different applicators to choose from, the Omnimax system can treat all skin types as well as hair colour, density and thickness, ensuring suitability for all areas of the body and for all of our clients. Our exclusive use of the most advanced laser system available – with its attached cooling feature,  ensures that, unlike most hair removal treatments which are quite painful, our patients experience this effective intervention with minimal or no pain.

Main Features Results achieved can be permanent.

  • Experienced medical aesthetician in professional hygienic medical environment.
  • The treatments are reliable, non-invasive and also relatively painless.
  • The 5 pulse duration alternative allows for flexible, precise and safe treatments.
  • The 3 diverse hand pieces ensure that solutions are readily available to all types of client profiles.
  • The high heat power, when applied, ensures the maximum effect and also it enables results to be achievable in a few sessions.
  • These treatments have been utilized successfully by thousands of clients worldwide.