Body Contouring

Just like medaesthetic technology is developing, more patients now opt for safer and non invasive body contouring solutions that are being offered within medaesthetic clinics.

BeforeHips Circumference Reduction – Courtesy of Dr. Irina Yelenbaugen, M.D

AfterHips Circumference Reduction – Courtesy of Dr. Irina Yelenbaugen, M.D










Get the beautiful body which you desire by utilizing our advanced Omnimax laser– safe and non-invasive body-contouring solution.
Our state-of-the-art  Omnimax medical aesthetic laser machines effectively sculpts the body – without the use of surgery. This advanced technology dissolves cellulite and also eliminates fat, as well as tightens skin to bring about visibly shapelier and slimmer forms and a more youthful skin. These results are achieved within a short time and the treatment sessions are pain-free with no “sown-time” required.

By utilizing 2 kinds of energy, namely, infrared light (IR) and radio frequency (RF), this contouring treatment  yields impressive results. Firstly, the waves of the radio frequency heats and targets the fat cells that are collected beneath the skin causing them to dissolve. They are then absorbed through the lymphatic system and finally disposed of naturally. As soon as the appropriate size reduction has been attained, the infrared light is then applied to renew the collagen cells, thereby tightening the skin.

Main Features

  • Experienced medical aesthetician in professional hygienic medical environment.
  • The treatments efficiently reduce cellulite fat deposits, thereby producing shapelier, slimmer bodies.
  • The results are very obvious after only a few sessions.
  • Treatment sessions are very brief (between 20 to 30 minutes) so that clients can immediately get back to their busy lives.
  • Treatments are non-invasive, effective, pain-free and a safer alternative to surgical procedures.
  • These treatments have been utilized successfully by thousands of happy clients worldwide.